W&M Style

By Delia Folk ’14

During the spring of my Sophomore year, I decided that I was going to apply to the business school & major in Marketing. After graduation, I was planning to move to NYC and work in the fashion industry. The team at William & Mary both in The Career Center and business school were very helpful in figuring out how to get my foot in the door to the highly competitive fashion industry, and I am forever grateful for their efforts!

I loved all the classes I took at William & Mary, especially in the business school. There was one class on entrepreneurship that particularly stood out to me. For one assignment, we were tasked with coming up with an idea for a company and pitch it to the professor. Although I was not considering starting a business of my own when I was in college, the exercise got my wheels turning & was an unexpected foreshadowing assignment. 

My experience at William & Mary was extremely dynamic and allowed me to dabble in a variety of interests such as music, history, English and more. After graduating, moving to NYC & starting my fashion career, William & Mary (thankfully!) keeps bringing me back. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people who gave me their time, insights & connections, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do so for others. While I may no longer live in Williamsburg, VA, the experience and impactful time I had while in college comes with me wherever I go.  

Many of the skills I learned at William & Mary have aided me throughout my entrepreneurship journey. My Marketing major has proven invaluable in learning to establish and raise brand awareness. Becoming an out-of-the-box thinker and problem solver are some skills I picked up at W&M that I have applied to The Style That Binds Us. 

We started The Style That Binds Us to pull back the curtain on the fashion industry and allow access to our peers, community and clients. I am thrilled that we have been able to help the William & Mary community live their most stylish and fearless lives through podcast interviews, webinars with Society of 1918 & CrimDell Small Business Network, blog posts, panels with The Career Center and more. 

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