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The Importance of Health and Wellness During Grad School

By Haider Alistaire MSBA ’21

One of the most important things that we rarely think about when in grad school is our mental/physical health. We are so focused on getting good grades and finding a job/internship that we start skipping meals, workout time, social time, sleep, etc. We rarely think about the toll that all that stress is taking on us. We become anxious when things don’t go the way we want and eventually become depressed and start doing worse.

The main thing to remember when being in grad school is that you can’t control everything around you. There are so many factors that will affect your time in school. You had a bad professor, family issues, relationships issues, you got sick and I could go on but you get the idea. Don’t focus on what you can’t control and focus on what you can.

Your mental/physical health is very important and the school has a ton of resources that are at your disposal. The school offers Fitwell classes that include Cycling, Yoga, Body Pump, Cardio, Dance, painting, etc… There are even fencing and kendo stick classes. The classes are offered at various times throughout the day(including weekends) in different locations. You can either go to the rec center or you can attend those classes at the Amphitheatre which is my favorite spot!!

Beautiful scenery, fresh air, and a relaxing environment where you can workout with others. The school also has a rock-climbing wall, a swimming pool, a tennis court, track, basketball court, etc… All available whenever you want. So if you feel like you have been sitting at the computer for too long or just need a break from schoolwork, go attend those classes. They are amazing and fun and will become a huge part of your time at William & Mary. The school also has resources for mental health, you can get a therapist assigned to you, or attend group meetings, counseling, etc. The school has a Wellness podcast that comes out weekly and talks about various topics on how to improve mental health. There is also the nod app, which is designed for students and various needs they might have. I personally met with a counselor biweekly and would meet with the sleep counselor every now and then for tips on how to improve my sleep.

Anyways, I could tell you everything that the school has to offer, but what I am trying to say is, the most important thing when at grad school is YOU!! If you are not at your 100% you won’t be able to perform at 100%. Take a break, go for a walk, hang out with friends, take a cycling class, talk to a professional if you are feeling down. Do everything you can to make sure you are getting an A in self-care, because that will determine how well you do and will ensure that you have a wonderful time. Reach out for help when you need to and always, always, always remember to take care of yourself.

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