Undergraduate Experience

Inspiration from W&M

By James Crafford ’20

As a songwriter I find it difficult at times to muster or identify inspiration. Few things are as effortlessly inspiring than a warm, sunny day in Williamsburg. Golden red bricks, mature green trees, and copper cupolas against deep blue sky.  Of the few who have the privilege to study at institutions as fine as William & Mary, even fewer have the privilege to do so in a place so beautiful.  From Colonial Williamsburg, to Lake Matoaka, the Sunken Garden, College Creek, and more, The College is set in an amazing geographic and cultural location that holds a special place in the hearts of so many students present and past. 

Not only is William & Mary an inspiring environment because of its intimate setting in Williamsburg, but also because of its bright and eager student body.  The campus atmosphere is bustling and emboldening and there is a strong sense of comraderie and pride shared among the students. Students learn in and outside of class how to assume personal responsibility, manage time, adapt to challenges, and define personal goals. Students develop these skills through working alongside their peers as well as through their coursework, and in doing so create valuable relationships that they will cherish forever.  Many of the friends I met at William & Mary continue to be my closest; for that I am forever grateful.  

In short, William & Mary is a uniquely wonderful place to consider alma mater. 

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